About the Company

BlackWater Design is the result of 27 years of landscape architectural, land planning, and building construction experience. BlackWater style has evolved in part from the experience of designing projects throughout the United States; from here in New England to Florida and from my home state of Pennsylvania to the beautiful mountains of Colorado and beyond to the colorful Arizona desert.

Our belief is that everyone has the ability to bring professional designers into their business and residential surroundings. We provide affordable landscape architectural services for do-it yourselfers, developers and contractors. We pride ourselves on creative, innovative designs which maintain the intent of the owners vision and their budgetary requirements.

Let us assist you in the smallest of site issues to the development of a master landscape plan. BlackWater Design can help enhance the value of your property; improve your real estate marketability; create a dynamic, fun place to be; or a retreat that soothes the soul.

Don't feel that a professional designer is beyond your means. Don't hesitate, please give us a call, if nothing more you can pick our brain for a few good ideas.

Sincerely, Joseph T. Hochrein

About the Owner


"If it's worth doing,

it's worth doing right"



























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